Monitoring with Instruments

OpsMezzo instruments is built on-top of Godot adding reactor primitives for orchestrating cloud applications:

Figure 1: High level Instruments architecture

OpsMezzo instruments adds reactors for handling common operations and monitoring tasks such as:

  • Network monitoring: Concerned about network or HTTP latency? We've got you covered.
  • Server and application provisioning: Wouldn't you like to just scale your app instead of telling your ops team to scale your app?
  • SSH: Run arbitrary processes on demand to respond to incidents.
  • Process monitoring: Notify your team through alerting tools when crashes occur.

Lets consider how the above example, emailing your ops team on high CPU load, could be handled with Instruments:

Figure 3: Data-flow for emailing your ops team on high CPU load

Automating these common tasks frees up your developers and operations engineers to handle higher-level more important problems like building your application and your business.